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Reimbursement in the rare disease landscape is complex. IMAC specializes in the transformation of evidence into a value story that makes payers want to engage.
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IMAC consists of highly experienced, senior consultants with decades of successful projects. Along with our extended network of experts, our team is uniquely positioned to provide innovative and strategic methods to ensure the success of your project.
Our Services IMAC has a strong track record of successful submissions that secure reimbursement for our valued clients. We join your team—giving you flexible and direct access to our highly experienced senior consultants. Committed to
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Looking for a first-class market access partner?

“IMAC is a specialized market access consulting firm based on my decades of experience as an executive in the pharma industry and as a senior consultant in a large consulting company.

For well over 15 years, our inspired, dedicated, and specialist team has been the framework of our overall value. Our goal is to continue to demonstrate our relentless commitment—exemplifying our integrity, innovative solutions, and exceptional personalized support.

Since 2006, in this ever-evolving environment, we have collaborated with our clients bringing highly specialized technologies to targeted patient populations. IMAC has gained a vast knowledge of how to gain market access for your therapies and improve patient outcomes.”

Louise Perrault

President and CEO


What we do


Globally, the reimbursement landscape is constantly evolving. Therapies are generally becoming highly specialized, and more treatments are being developed for rare diseases. The IMAC team have an unparalleled track record for successful reimbursement—read about what IMAC can do for you!


In the landscape of increasing healthcare costs, strategic economic models have become imperative to successful reimbursement strategy in most markets. IMAC has a highly experienced health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) team that have decades of experience developing innovative economic models—read more about IMAC’s modeling services!


Market access in rare disease has unique challenges—limited data, inadequate knowledge base among payers, higher prices, and the lack of dedicated approaches to evaluating rare disease drugs are some of the issues manufacturers face. Read more to see how partnering with the IMAC team who have a deep understanding of market access strategies for rare diseases could help you!


Real-world evidence (RWE) generation continues to be the driver for decision-making by regulators, payers, and providers, and has assumed a progressively greater importance over time to the market access landscape. Read more about how IMAC can help you with RWE.


The Canadian market access landscape has become increasingly more complex. Navigating the best path for your therapy can be challenging. We have extensive expertise in the Canadian landscape—read how IMAC can help!


Private payers are a critical part of the market access landscape in Canada and make up a significant percentage of prescription drug purchases. Find out how IMAC can help you navigate this complex market access path!






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Why choose us A one-stop solution to overcome your market access challenges!


We are a team of experts with decades of industry and consultancy experience that we put to use for you!


The size or our organization allows us to be adaptable, agile, and offer a customized service based on your organizational and project specific needs.


We are known for our innovative strategy and finding solutions for even the most challenging problems.


Your goals are our goals. We look to develop a long-lasting partnership. Our business runs on repeat customers who are highly satisfied with our support!

Positive impact

Our goal is to assist you to bring your therapy to patients in need. We believe in the incredible impact of your success in the lives of patients, their families, and the medical profession.

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