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IMAC has decades of industry and consulting experience resulting in a deep understanding of the Canadian market. The reimbursement landscape in Canada is evolving and increasingly complex. In addition to the National / Federal framework of CADTH (CDR, pCODR, and the NIHB), our expert consultants can assist clients with submissions to individual provincial formularies including INESSS in Québec, the PMPRB, and with the more recent Pan-Canadian Pricing Alliance (pCPA) for therapeutics that fall outside the purview of CADTH. With our deep understanding of the different pathways to reimbursement in Canada, IMAC is well positioned to provide crucial strategic advice to assist our clients in navigating stakeholder needs to ensure the fastest and most successful reimbursement strategy. 

IMAC has comprehensive experience navigating routes to reimbursement outside the path of CDR and INESSS. IMAC has experience guiding clients through submissions and discussion with the pCPA and negotiations with the PMPRB.

Individual Provincial formularies require different strategy and tactics depending on the drug and policy environment in each province.

Submissions to the CDR are the most complex and encompass all provincial formularies (except INESSS in Québec) as well as Federal payer programs (like the NIHB).


Submissions to the INESSS present distinct challenges that require a profound knowledge of the health care system in Québec.

In addition, Hospital-based Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees have evolved to have more responsibility and overview. Today’s committees include not only physicians, pharmacists, and nurses, but have expanded to become multidisciplinary including representatives from hospital administration, quality assurance, healthcare practitioners, and the public. Objective evaluation of drug efficacy, safety, toxicity, and costs are performed by P&TCs that manage hospital formularies.

IMAC has a highly successful track record with positive reimbursement for our clients in Canada. We help you demonstrate clinical and economic value to different payers by communicating the benefits of your therapeutic in the framework that best align with the payer’s needs. Our expert consultants can also provide comprehensive appraisals of dossiers prepared by drug manufacturers or outside consultants. This critical review identifies aspects of the submission that are weaker, and helps avoid any delay at the agency review level by targeting gaps in the clinical and economic evidence, and improving the positioning of new treatments within the Canadian landscape.



Some examples:

  • Economic model and submission to p-CODR (CADTH) for an innovative 3rd line TKI for patients resistant to other TKIs in a rare cancer—IMAC later published the model in Applied Health Economics and Health Policy (2019).

  • Positive reimbursement from CDR (CADTH), INESSS, and Federal payer programs for a first therapy in Canada to treat acute intermittent “off” episodes in adult patients with advance Parkinson’s disease.

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Yulia specializes in systematic literature reviews, pharmacoeconomic analyses, and outcomes research.

Yulia Vadziuk
Yulia Vadziuk
Senior Consultant, Health Economics

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