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With the advancement of highly specialized therapies, including costly genetic innovations, the development of customized and pioneering economic models have become imperative to successful reimbursement strategy. Our highly experienced health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) team brings decades of experience developing innovative models in many therapeutic areas, with a focus on rare diseases.

We prioritize a collaborative approach to speed-up market access for your innovation. Our clients benefit from a global team of health economists, epidemiologists, and statisticians with expertise in advanced predictive and simulation modeling. We will help you work out a clear pathway for accelerated reimbursement of your therapy across major global healthcare markets. 

We begin by closely consulting with our clients to develop a model strategy that leverages existing clinical, epidemiological, and economic data. We then implement evidence generation strategy to support the data needed for a tailored and effective model. This strategy allows us to build state of the art models which are supported by the most robust evidence available. Over the past 17 years IMAC has developed ground-breaking economic models for HTA submissions to agencies such as NICE, CADTH, SMC, TLV, HAS, and INESSS among others.

We also have extensive experience developing global/core models and adapting them for local submissions—on an international scale—in record time. Our clients value having IMAC pharmacoeconomic experts join their team, to work efficiently with local affiliates and experts to customize models for each market. Our expert medical writing team prepares accompanying, clear and persuasive model reports tailored to all audiences. Our reports weave the value messaging of your therapy throughout, creating a seamless story of value, need, and pricing and reimbursement strategy. This strategy serves to accelerate and maximise the update and revenue potential for your therapy and provide the earliest access to patients.

Some examples:

  • IMAC created an innovative economic model submitted to NICE (UK) for a ground-breaking, first-in-class treatment for highly sensitized patients on the kidney transplant waitlist, allowing them access to life saving transplants—IMAC worked closely with local vendors in several EU countries to adapt the model to local markets.

  • IMAC built highly strategic economic models for a long-term opioid for pain not managed with nonopioid and non-pharmacological treatment in Canada.

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Yulia specializes in systematic literature reviews, pharmacoeconomic analyses, and outcomes research.

Yulia Vadziuk
Yulia Vadziuk
Senior Consultant, Health Economics

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