Eva has 30 years of research experience in academia, government, and the pharmaceutical industry and has been a consultant since 2006. Over this time period she has worked on over 200 projects that have included the conduct and analysis of clinical studies, registries, and population-based datasets, national economic burden of illness studies, economic evaluations and BIAs for HTA agencies such as CADTH as well as for the pharmaceutical industry, and on systematic reviews for HTA agencies and for submissions to CADTH, NICE, IQWIG, and others. She has been economic reviewer for pCODR and has reviewed submissions for new diagnostic tests for INESSS. She has worked in numerous disease areas including infectious diseases, cardiology, trauma, cancer, rheumatology, dermatology, genetic disorders and genetic testing, obesity, respiratory illnesses, mental health, and rare disorders. Eva brings experience and a commitment to producing high quality research to all her projects. Alexander’s professional experience in market access communications has included projects in a range of therapeutic areas including gastroenterology, oncology, and infectious diseases.