Véronique Lauzon

Véronique has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmacoeconomic industry. With a master’s degree in economics, she is specialised in health economic evaluations including, cost effectiveness analyses, budget impact models, and burden of illnesses studies—with specific expertise in orphan products for rare diseases. Her work consistently leads to positive recommendations of reimbursement by various agencies including CADTH, INESSS, and NICE. She has extensive experience in creating innovative de novo models for first-in-class therapies, as well as optimizing existing models for local markets. She is also highly skilled at analyzing clinical trial and real-world data to generate valuable evidence, for market access. Véronique approaches each project with passion and dedication that shows in her strong track record of success. Clients benefit from her strategic advice and collaborative attitude while she works diligently to ensure patients have access to life-saving therapies.